A small and charming fishing village, located in the North of Iceland

Charming Siglufjörður

Siglufjörður, or Sigló, as the locals call it, sits at the foot of a steep slope overlooking a beautiful fjord, around 40 km from the Arctic Circle and is Iceland’s most northerly town. Siglufjörður and it’s sister settlement Ólafsfjörður are only 15 km apart and together they make up the municipality of Fjallabyggð.

Lately, Siglufjörður has gained the attention of travellers for it’s hiking routes, marina, the Herring Era Museum and its excellent diversions.

The town offers a variety of activities. During winter time, Sigló becomes the outdoor enthusiast’s paradise and offers the opportunity to go skiing, cross-country skiing, skating or ride through the snow on a snowmobile. During summer, it’s the mountains and the black sandy shores that attract, with a wide selection of walking and hiking routes on the surrounding mountains.

The recreational possibilities in Siglufjörður are varied. Sea angling in the Hólsá River is a popular choice amongst visitors and travel companies offer sails on kayak and cruises in the fjord. Visitors can go horse riding and whale watching in the surrounding areas. Siglufjörður has a new 9-hole golf course and a local swimming pool to relax in after a day of activities.

Siglufjörður is located within a short distance from Akureyri, Mývatn and some of North Iceland’s major attractions and can, therefore, serve as an ideal base when exploring North Iceland.

The Arctic Coast Way

 Traveling the Arctic Coast Way gives you a new way to discover the North part of Iceland in all its glory. This adventure is a 900km route that will lead you to some of the remote locations in Iceland, and the Herring House is the perfect place for a stop at Siglufjörður.

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Activities in Siglufjörður


The Herring Era Museum

The awarded Herring Era Museum is Iceland’s largest maritime museum. The Boat House recreates the town’s bustling harbour of the 1950s, with many old fishing boats at the dock.


The Folk Music Centre

The centre brings to life the world of Icelandic folk music. Visitors can see video recordings of people of all ages chanting epic poetry (rímur), singing quint-songs (tvísöngur), reciting nursery rhymes, and playing folk instruments such as the langspil (similar to dulcimer) and the Icelandic violin (fiðla).



There is a wide range of hiking trails in Siglufjörður and its surroundings. The popular hike over the passes of Hólsskarð and Hestsskarð to the beautiful fjord of Héðinsfjörður. For those who prefer shorter walks, there is a trail up to the basin of Hvanneyraskál just above the town.



Golf in Siglufjörður is a great experience for golfers that want to enjoy nature and midnight sun golfing. The brand-new golf course has 9 holes and is located in Hólsdalur Valley, at the bottom of Siglufjörður.



There are two swimming pools in the area. Siglufjörður has an indoor swimming pool with an outdoor hot tub. Ólafsfjörður (15 km) offers an outdoor swimming pool with jacuzzi, a children pool, two slides and a steam bath.



Skarðið, the local skiing area in the inner part of the fjord, is arguably one of the best ski areas in Iceland. Cross-country ski-trail in Hólsdalur and endless mountain tops and valleys for back-country skiing, where you can ski from the top of the mountain down to the sandy beach.


Whale watching & Boat tours

There are some great companies that offer whale watching and boat tours from surrounding areas. It only takes around 25 minutes to drive to the nearest whale watching tour operator.


Horseback Riding

Riding on the Icelandic horse is a great way to experience and connect with the Icelandic nature. We are more than happy to recommend horse rentals in the surroundings of Siglufjörður for our guests.


Travelling to Siglufjörður


By car

Renting a car from Reykjavík or Akureyri and drive to Siglufjörður is the most efficient way to travel to Siglufjörður. It takes 4,5 hour to drive from Reykjavík and just over 1 hour from Akureyri.


By bus

There is daily bus departure from Akureyri and Reykjavík to Siglufjörður. From Akureyri, bus 78 departures three times a day from HOF Cultural Centre and from Reykjavík you will have to take bus 57 to Akureyri and change into bus 78 to Siglufjörður.


By plane

You can take a domestic flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri and drive/take the bus from Akureyri to Siglufjörður. The flight takes only around 45 minutes and the drive from Akureyri takes just over an hour. Please note that there are no direct domestic flights from Reykjavík to Siglufjörður.